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What is difference between Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering & Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?
Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Engineers are trained to design aircraft. Their main job includes designing aircraft and propulsion systems and studying the aerodynamic performance of aircraft and construction materials. After completion of Aeronautical various job opportunities are there in manufacturing of Aircraft, Aircraft Propulsion, Aircraft Systems. Aeronautical engineering governing body &is approved by AICTE Aerospace Engineering Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering. Avionics engineering is similar, but deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering. After completion of Aerospace Engineering various job opportunities are there in manufacturing of Aircraft, spacecraft & Propulsion System. Aerospace Engineering governing body &is approved by AICTE Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering deals with maintenance of Aircraft & Aircraft system which is differs from Aeronautical Engineering & Aerospace Engineering. Regulatory body of aviation is DGCA and DGCA only approved to AME course. In the aviation industry DGCA is the issuing authority to issue a license to AME and pilot, airlinepermit, approval to MRO’s, airline and flying institute. There is huge scope in the maintenance of the aircraft in India and abroad because all airlines, MRO’s and flying institutes are only involving in the maintenance of the aircraft. Aircraft maintenance engineering students get the license of the aircraft and eligible to work on aircraft and responsible for certificate release to safety for its airworthiness and before each flight they issue the CRS for its airworthiness after inspection then only pilot will accept the aircraft for flying. In the AME College you can see the aircraft in working condition and different types of component, equipment, engine, electrical, instrument and radio equipment. Lot of job opportunities there in all the Airlines, maintenance organization, flying club, technical publications for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students.
What is eligible criteria for Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering & Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?
For Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering & Aircraft Maintenance Engineering eligibility is 12th pass with Physics, chemistry and Mathematics or diploma in engineering from recognised board or University & to do Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering 10th pass required from recognised board
What are Advantages of appearing in Aeronautical CET Examination?
Through Aeronautical-CET Examination students can get admission in one of the best college/Universities/ institute throughout India. Aeronautical-CET Counselling team guides you to choose the best college as per your choice stream and trade in your nearest location.
Which stream is best Avionics or Mechanical?
Both streams have equal career Scope. But if students interested to work Airframe and Engine system can take Mechanical stream & if interested to work on Electrical, Instrument, Radio systems then students can take Avionics Stream.
How can I apply for Aeronautical-CET Examination?
You can go to www.aeronauticalcet.in website. Click apply now, fill the application form & pay the form fee online. Offline You can visit Aeronautical-CET office at various locations throughout India, pay fee in cash. Fill the form & submit
What are the subject for Aeronautical-CET Entrance Exam?
Subject for Aeronautical/Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Commercial pilot, B.sc programme are 1. Mathematics 2. Physics 3. Chemistry 4. English 5. General knowledge Subjects Cabin crew/ Airport Management/ ground handling are 1. General knowledge 2. Aptitude test 3. English Subject for Diploma Engineering are 1. General knowledge 2. English 3. Mathematics 4. Physics 5. Chemistry
How much fee for registration in Aeronautical- CET exam?
Registration fee is 1100 for General category students 1000 for SC/ST/OBC &girl’s candidate
Is it possible to pursue Aeronautical/ Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in the distance learning method or in correspondence mode?
No, it is not possible to pursue this program in distance learning or Correspondence mode. The program is quite rigorous in nature and heavily practical oriented, which would not be possible to imbibe unless the program is attained in a full-time classroom mode.
Can girl’s student be an Aeronautical/ Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
With the scholarship potential, preferred industry hiring and positive job outlook, the future for women in aviation maintenance is excellent. The fruits of an aviation and aerospace degree can give women a career supplying them with very high yield. Our PM has also started many educational programmes for encouraging the girls.
Can an Aeronautical/ Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer become a pilot?
YES, an Aeronautical/ Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineercan become a pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer One can become a pilot by taking the 200hrs flying lessons from a flight school and clearing of DGCA exam you can get the CPL licence from DGCA.
How to Become a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
For aircraft maintenance engineering you have to complete 3years training from DGCA approved AME institute and Clearing DGCA module and after some field experience and you can get the licence from DGCA for the particular aircraft on which you are working.
What are the average salary Package for Aeronautical/ Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
An Aeronautical/ Aerospace/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer earns the average salary in India between 6-8 lakh per annum & that’s gradually increases with experience.
Is caste certificate required to get the benefit in Registration fee & Scholarship Fee?
Yes, caste certificate required to get the benefits.
Does All India Candidature Candidate can get admission through Aeronautical CET exam?
Yes, students from all over India can apply for Aeronautical-CET Exam
What is Mode of Aeronautical-CET Exam?
Aeronautical-CET Exam is offline but in certain scenario it can be conducted online also.

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