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Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Course Details

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering is a 3years program divided into six semesters. Diploma Aeronautical Engineering deals with the study of flight Mechanics in relation to the earth's atmosphere. Students get knowledge about maintenance, testing, Servicing & manufacturing of aircraft & their components. Studies also involve techniques of operating aircraft &rocket propulsion. The student who is interested to enter in aviation engineering can opt for Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. The course is approved by AICTE.

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Course Duration

The diploma in Aeronautical Engineering program is of three years equally divided into six semesters. During 3 years’ tenure, students learn about manufacturing, testing, and designing aircraft & its components.

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Eligibility Criteria
  1. Candidate must have passed 10th with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board
  2. Through the Aeronautical-CET exam, candidates can be selected for the best colleges in Diploma Aeronautical Engineering.
Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Core Subjects

The Core Subjects Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering are

  1. Aircraft Aerodynamics
  2. Engineering Drawing
  3. Engineering Mathematics
  4. Radio & communication system
  5. Control Theory
  6. Aircraft Structure
  7. Aircraft system
  8. Avionics
  9. Aviation Rules & Regulations
  10. Fluid dynamics
  11. Rocket and Missile
  12. Aircraft materials
  13. Computer-Aided Design and Drawing
  14. Air Navigation
Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Admission Process

By registering in the Aeronautical-CET exam candidates can get admission in Diploma Aeronautical Engineering in the prestigious colleges throughout India.

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Fee structure

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering fee depends on the college candidate selected to pursue the course, Approx. a fee is from 2 to 5 Lakh for the entire course. Fees can be paid semester-wise.

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Career Opportunities

As the aviation industry growing day by day, a lot of job opportunities are there for Diploma Aeronautical Engineering in

  1. Aviation Training organization
  2. Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Organizations
  3. Aircraft & Aircraft Components Manufacturing Companies
  4. Flying Training Schools
  5. Airlines industry
  6. Aviation Technical Publications
  7. Civil aviation govt. jobs
  8. Defense & research organizations
  9. Aeronautical Laboratories
What are the job Opportunities after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering can work in Aeronautical Laboratories, Airlines industry, Aviation training Organizations, Aircraft maintenance & repair organization, Flying Training Schools, Defence & research organizations, Aircraft & aircraft Components Manufacturing Companies, Civil aviation govt. jobs

How much is salary package after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

Diploma Aeronautical Engineering can get a salary from 4 to 6 lakh starting & salary keep on increasing with experience.

What is eligibility for Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

Candidate should have passed 10th with aggregate of minimum 50% marks from recognized board.

What are the higher studies after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

After Diploma Aeronautical Engineering students can do B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering & for further higher education can do Master’s & Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering.

Can I get job on Airport after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

Yes, after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering various job Opportunities are there in Airport.

Can I become pilot after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

Yes, to become pilot you have to join Flying Training Institute after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering.

Can I do Aircraft Maintenance Engineering after Diploma Aeronautical Engineering?

Yes, Diploma Aeronautical Engineering passed students are eligible for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

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