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Aeronautical Engineers Questions and Answers

Aeronautical  Engineers Questions and Answers

Posted on 2021-12-27 15:08:30, by Aeronautical - CET Exam

1) Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering, which one has better career scope?

Ans:- Aeronautical Engineering includes study about aircraft within earth atmosphere whereas Aerospace Engineering involves study about aircraft & spacecraft within & outside atmosphere. Both Aeronautical & Aerospace industries have grown very rapidly in the last decades so both Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering have enormous opportunities for career prospects. Various Colleges & universities offer Aeronautical & Aerospace Courses all over India.

2) Fee for Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering, which one has better career scope?

Ans:- Throughout India many Colleges, Institutes & universities offers Diploma, B.E/B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. Fee for all the Colleges, Institutes & universities differs depending on their Location, Infrastructure, Reputation & various other factors. The Complete Course fee may vary from 3 to 10 lakhs for B.E/ B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. For Diploma Aeronautical Engineering Fee may vary from 2 to 5 lakhs.

3) Further Education after B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering?

Ans:- After Completion of B. Tech Aeronautical Engineering can look for various job options in the Aeronautical & Aerospace Industry. But if students wish to go for further education they can opt Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering & further on they can also do Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering.

4) Want to be An Aeronautical Engineer.

Ans:- Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineers work & develop Aircraft & Aircraft systems. Aeronautical engineers also work in designing, developing & Testing aircraft and propulsion systems and also study the aerodynamic.

Aeronautical Engineers Test Performance of aircraft and construction materials, they work with the technology, theory, and practice of flight within the Earth's atmosphere.

Eligibility to do Aeronautical Engineer

To get admission for B.E/ B Tech Aeronautical Engineering candidate must have passed 12th with PCM or Diploma in Engineering from a recognized Board or University.

For a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering candidate must have passed 10th from a recognized Board.

Aeronautical Engineering Core Subjects The Core subjects in the Aeronautical Engineering course are Aircraft Performance and Aircraft Structures, Solid Mechanics, Materials Sciences, Fluid Dynamics, Propulsion Automatic Control & Guidance, Structural Analysis.

Aeronautical Engineering Colleges Various colleges options are there all over India & abroad those who offer Aeronautical Engineering Diploma & Degree.

Aeronautical Engineer Courses option Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering, B.Eng Aerospace Engineering, B.Sc Aeronautics, B.E/B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering, Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, M.Eng in Aeronautical Management, Master’s in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering Career Options Civil Aviation Department & Defence, Aircraft Spares Manufacturing Companies, Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, Maintenance Repair Overhaul(MRO’s), Airlines, Research Organizations, Aeronautical Engineering Institutes/Colleges/Universities, Aviation Technical Publication Companies Further Studies after Aeronautical Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering candidate can go for Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering & further after Master Degree of Aeronautical Engineering candidate can also do Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering.

5) Working Environment of Aeronautical Engineers.

Ans:- Working Environment of Aeronautical Engineers

Aeronautical engineers design, develop and test aircraft & aircraft systems within the earth's atmosphere. Aeronautical engineers also develop and design extraordinary technologies such as supersonic jets, helicopters, space shuttles, satellites, and rockets.

Aeronautical engineers spend most of their time working in aeronautical laboratories using computer equipment and software design tools for developing & testing aircraft & Aircraft systems. They also work in factory production hangars overseeing the manufacturing.

6) What is the role of Aeronautical Engineers at the Airport?

Ans:- Aeronautical Engineering is a well-known branch of Engineering. Aeronautical Engineers can get job opportunities in Govt. & Private Domestic & international airlines. Airlines hire Aeronautical Engineers for various work in different departments like maintenance, planning, Quality Control, etc. Aeronautical Engineers can also work in the airline Commercial department.

7) Can Aeronautical Engineers work in  ATC( Air Traffic Control)?

Ans:- Air Traffic Control Tower monitors and directs the aircraft in flight or at ground & also issue landing & Take Off permission to the pilot. After Aeronautical Engineering if a candidate wishes to work in Air Traffic Control has to do a specialized course related to Air traffic control after that an Aeronautical Engineer can work in Air Traffic Control.

8) Does an Aeronautical Engineer work in the maintenance of Aircraft?

Ans:- Aeronautical Engineer mainly works in designing, developing & testing of Aircraft & various systems of Aircraft. After designing an aeronautical engineer also study the aerodynamic performance of the construction material, aircraft & its components. Aeronautical Engineers Can Also work maintenance of aircraft & various system but they have to get some experience & go through the specialized course to work in the maintenance of aircraft.

9) Career Scope Aeronautical engineers.

Ans:- Aeronautical Engineers can work in Aeronautical Technical Publication Companies, Aeronautical Engineering Institutes/Colleges/Universities, Maintenance Repair Overhaul(MRO’s), Airlines, Research Organizations, Aviation Technical Publication Companies, Aircraft Spares Manufacturing Companies, Civil Aviation Department & Defence, Aeronautical research & test labs.

10) Top Recruiting companies & agencies after Aeronautical Engineering.

Ans:- A good academic background & soft skills in Aeronautical Engineering lead to a challenging career & a very high salary. There is a significant number of job opportunities available in the Air force, Defence, Airlines, ISRO, DRDO, NASA. Aeronautical Engineers can also work in aircraft manufacturing companies like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Falcon, etc.

11)Can Aeronautical Engineer become a pilot?

Ans:- Having a background as an Aeronautical Engineer is a great start for becoming a pilot as they know about aircraft system & design but to be a pilot Aeronautical Engineer candidate has to clear level 2 medical, join flying training school for flying training & clear the DGCA Exams.  After completion obviously as an Aeronautical engineer & pilot one can have a better job prospectus as a pilot.

12) Top Colleges to do Aeronautical Engineering.

Ans:- The top Institute for Aeronautical Engineering are

Indian Institute of Technology- Madras

Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology-Mumbai

Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur

Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology-shibpur

Madras Institute of Technology(MIT)- Chennai

Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology(HIET) – Chennai

Nehru College of Aeronautical and Applied Sciences-Coimbatore

Silver Oak College of Engineering & 

Technology- Ahmedabad

Parul Univeristy- Vadodara


To get admission in Aeronautical Engineering students can register on www.aeronautical.cet.in . Based on All India rank students get the option to get admission in various colleges/Universities/Institutes in India.

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